Tuesday, January 22, 2013

TOP TEN TUESDAY: The Top Ten Settings I'd Like to See More Of

Top 10 Tuesday is hosted at The Broke and the Bookish. Today’s topic is the Top Ten Settings I'd Like to See More Of....

Libraries: They are awesome places too. (Beautiful Creatures)

Beaches: Even when it is freezing outside, a beach book warms me right up. (Twenty Boy Summer)

New Zealand: Because, you know, I love that place. (Whale Rider)

Secret Passages/Tunnels: I really want a hidden room in my house one day and awesome things happen secret places. (Tunnels; Revolution)

Farms: Why don’t more people know what farm animals actually look like? (Thimble Summer; Animal Farm)

Foreign Countries: Even when I can’t travel to far-away places, a book can give me all the quirks and culture I need. (Anna and the French Kiss; 13 Little Blue Envelopes)

The Future: I have to admit that Dystopian novels are quite interesting and most of the ones I have read were well-written. (Awaken; Divergent)

Big, Old Houses: The history! The mystery! The cool things you find! (Northanger Abbey)

The Victorian Era: There was so much going on in the late 1800s-early 1900s that more books need to be written during that period. (Clockwork Angel; Ripper)

Central/South America: This is such an interesting region… I don’t know why there aren’t more books set there. (Wanderlove)


  1. Kody Keplinger set several scenes in a library when she wrote Shut Out. I'm with you on the need for more farms.

  2. I like library scenes. Something about the "stacks" is intriguing.

    1. Definitely. It's a mix of knowledge and mystery. And I love when librarians are the cool characters.

  3. Love library scenes, and passages AHHH!!!!

    Awesome list :) You've definitely given me some ideas that I didn't have before!
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    -Beth @ YA Vixens

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  4. Beaches made my Top Ten this week too. I'm so dang cold!

    1. Agreed! Beach books at least make me feel like winter might be over soon.

  5. New Zealand! Good choice and one I wish I'd thought of. And I love that you listed a book (or two) for each setting.