Tuesday, October 1, 2013

TOP TEN TUESDAY: Top Ten Book Turn-Offs

Top 10 Tuesday is hosted at The Broke and the Bookish. Today’s topic is my Top Ten Book Turn-Offs.

The use of the R-Word
Unless you will be teaching a lesson to characters by using the R-word, it isn’t necessary. This word is not an adjective… it is insulting and inappropriate.

The need for advanced technical knowledge
Some people know a ton about technology. Some don’t. Fiction authors need to create a level playing ground or educate those who don’t know much about science fiction/technology.

A complicated world that is badly created
When the setting/time period is made up, the author needs to create the world and characters carefully & thoughtfully. Some authors do this wonderfully, but others leave me with more questions than answers.

Unnecessary cussing
Sometimes this is appropriate for a certain character. But sometimes I think an author uses lots of swear words because he/she thinks it is cool. It is not.

Irresponsible adults
Some books make adults look like clueless idiots who don’t care. Sure, some are. But most aren’t and it is unrealistic to portray them as such.

Books that try too hard to be trendy
Relying too much on current social media, fashion trends, recent events, etc. makes the book unappealing and outdated within a year or two. For me, general information is the better way to go.

Specifically mentioning current celebrities dates the book and takes the reader out of the story.

The need for a lot of literary background knowledge
When I need to know about specific poems, books, people, places, etc. but I don’t and the information isn’t explained I get frustrated. I am sure the book is good, but I can’t get past what I don’t know.

No likeable characters
Every once in a while there is a book where hardly any, if any, characters are likable. I need to at least somewhat enjoy someone.

Depressing endings
I usually read the end of a book before I get too many chapters into it. If characters are going to die I probably won’t continue with the book.

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