Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ghost Prision by Joseph Delaney

Ghost Prison
By Joseph Delaney
Published by Sourcebooks, Inc., 2013
112 pages (hardcover)
Source: NetGalley

Fifteen-year-old Billy guards a castle prison. But it isn't just criminals he'll be guarding—the ghosts of executed prisoners haunt the place. When Billy is given the task of feeding the prisoner in The Witch Well, a ghost named Long-Neck Netty decides to play a trick on Billy during the feeding...a trick that could cost Billy his life. (from NetGalley.com)

Ghost Prision is a creepy and surprising book with some unexpected twists. At 112 pages, it is a quick read that is packed with action, ghosts, and other disturbing creatures. Joseph Delaney proves that even in a few pages he can capture a reader’s attention and weave a memorable tale.

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