Monday, July 9, 2012

Secret Letters by Leah Scheier

Secret Letters
By Leah Scheier
Published by Disney-Hyperion, June 26, 2012
Source: NetGalley

Inquisitive and observant, Dora dreams of escaping her aristocratic country life to solve mysteries alongside Sherlock Holmes. So when she learns that the legendary detective might be her biological father, Dora jumps on the opportunity to travel to London and enlist his help in solving the mystery of her cousin's ransomed love letters. But Dora arrives in London to devastating news: Sherlock Holmes is dead. Her dreams dashed, Dora is left to rely on her wits-and the assistance of an attractive yet enigmatic young detective-to save her cousin's reputation and help rescue a kidnapped heiress along the way.

Steeped in Victorian atmosphere and intrigue, this gripping novel heralds the arrival of a fresh new voice in young adult literature.

I liked this. Sure, I think I have a thing for historical novels set in England, but whatever. It was a fun read with lots of mysteries and secret (hence the title).

The weirdest thing is that this book takes place in a world where Sherlock Holmes is read and not just a fictional character. Once I got past that oddity, I quickly flew through this book. I mean, there were rich guys, girls with secret pasts (and letters), detectives, and people who were pretending to be other people.

In Dora I found a feisty young lady who is more than willing to buck proper tradition and have some fun snooping around (aka- I really liked her). If you want a book that will take you on a mini-vacation this might be a nice one to pick up.

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