Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wolf Mark by Joseph Bruchac

Wolf Mark
By Joseph Bruchac
Published by Lee & Low Books, 2011
392 pages (hardcover

Luke King knows a lot of things. Like four different ways to disarm an enemy before the attacker can take a breath. Like every detail of every book he’s ever read. And Luke knows enough—just enough—about what his father does as a black ops infiltrator to know which questions not to ask.
Luke hopes that this time, he’ll finally have a normal life. He’ll be able to ask out the girl he likes. He’ll hang out with his friends. He’ll be invisible—just as he wants.
But when his dad goes missing, Luke realizes that life will always be different for him. Suddenly he must avoid his father’s kidnappers, while at the same time evading the attention of a mysterious clique of Russian hipsters, who seem much too interested in Luke’s own personal secret. Faced with multiple challenges and his emerging paranormal identity, Luke must decide who to trust as he creates his own destiny.


2. I am so excited that Joseph Bruchac is coming to UMS! His books are awesome (well I don’t know about the scary books because I rarely read scary books, but the ones I have read have been great)!

3. Wolf Mark is Bruchac’s latest book. I read the summary and thought “whoa… there is a lot going on in this book”. True. But it all fits together. Bruchac has done a wonderful job of mixing modern with ancient, fantasy with science fiction, and action with emotion.
Right off the bat this book reminded me of Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater. Yes, both books reference wolves, but that isn’t why. Wolf Mark, like Shiver, give a voice to those trying to find their true identity and make a path for themselves in this world (even if the path is of ancient legends and truth). Bruchac’s writing flowed along with just enough description to allow me to become enchanted with the characters and enough dialog to help me understand Luke and his friends.
Each 8th & 7th grade team has a copy of this book and the library has a copy (hopefully more soon!) and I would definitely recommend that as many people as possible read this book. It’s a suspenseful tale that will spark your imagination and make you wonder what everyone is really like.  

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