Friday, December 20, 2013

See you later UMS!

After months of waiting and having my belly get bigger, my twins are almost here* (hooray!). I am super excited to meet the little girl and boy who have been kicking me for the past 8(ish) months, but that does mean I won’t be seeing all of you wonderful people at UMS for a while. Sure, I will be in and out… score-keeping at volleyball games & taking times at track meets, stopping at the Young Author’s celebration, visiting teacher friends, and grabbing some books to read… but I won’t be back as librarian this year for sure.
While I am sure I will be having lots of fun cuddling with my babies and 4-year-old son, I will miss seeing you all, helping you find things you actually want to read, and hearing about your days. It makes me so excited when you find something to read that draws you in and makes you come back for more.
I hope you all have a wonderful remainder of the school year and keep checking out/reading books from the library!

--Mrs. Ruud

*Once the babies have arrived I will post a picture on the blog and let you know what we named them. Someone will also post a picture in the library so you can all see the babies once you get back from break!

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