Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Will o’ the Wisp by Tom Hammock and Megan Hutchinson

Will o’ the Wisp: An Aurora Grimeon Story
By Tom Hammock and Megan Hutchinson
Published by Archaia Entertainment, LLC, December 3, 2013
208 pages (hardcover)
Source: NetGalley

After her parents’ accidental death by mushroom poisoning, young Aurora Grimeon is sent to live with her estranged grandfather on Ossuary Isle, deep in the southern swamps.
Joined by her grandfather’s pet raccoon Missy, Aurora explores the fog-covered island of graves.
Along the way she meets its sinister residents who care for the tombstones and mausoleums, living out their lives by the strange rules of Hoodoo magic.
When ghostly things start happening out in the swamp and island residents start disappearing, Aurora thrusts herself into the middle of the mystery, uncovering secrets that might be better left buried.
(from NetGalley.com)

This is an interesting and creepy mystery that will tough to put down. I enjoyed the fantastical elements, unique characters, and engaging story. However, there were quite a few times that I was confused about what was going on. It seemed like pages and transitions were left out so it took me a bit to figure out what was going on and when. For example, an intense evening changes to the next day, but the story just continues like no one went home to bed and the sun didn’t come up. A few extra pages here and there would have made this good book excellent. I would still recommend reading the book, though, especially to those who love scary stories of the supernatural.

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