Thursday, May 24, 2012

STUDENT REVIEW - Lawn Boy Returns by Gary Paulson

Lawn Boy Returns
By Gary Paulson
Published by Random House Children’s Books, 2011
112 pages (paperback)

Gary Paulsen’s funny follow-up to Lawn Boy is full of big surprises and big laughs.

Lawn Boy says: The summer I was twelve, mowing lawns with Grandpa’s old riding mower turned into big business. With advice from Arnold the stockbroker, I learned all about making money.

Six weeks and hundred of thousands of dollars later, life got more complicated. You see, the prizefighter I sponsor, Joey Pow, won a big fight. And a TV interview made me famous. As Arnold says, “Capitalism plus publicity equals monster commerce.” Even my best friends wanted a piece of the action. Meanwhile, some scary guys showed up at Joey’s gym. . . .

Yes, I would recommend it. It was very short. I thought the plot could have been longer. It was cool how the chapter names were so complicated. It was easy to read and connect to. I remember last year when I wanted money so I saved. Lawn Boy mowed lawns. Very interesting book……
---Reviewed by David G.

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