Thursday, November 29, 2012

STUDENT REVIEW- L8R, G8R by Lauren Myracle

L8R, G8R
By Lauren Myracle
Published by Abrams, Harry N., Inc., 2008
296 pages (paperback)

The third book in the Internet Girls series.
Through their instant messages, the “winsome threesome”—Angela, Zoe, and Maddie—have battled the ups and downs of high school. Now they’re seniors, ready to rule the school. Unfortunately, they also have to deal with queen bee Jana, who has it out for good girl Zoe. Not that Zoe, who’s deep in love with Doug, seems to notice. So it’s up to Angela and Maddie to defend their friend, engaging in a series of pranks that escalates at a senior prom that no one will forget, even if they want to! (from

What’s good about it is that it grabbed my attention and told me that parties are fun but don’t get into the bad ones. What could have been improved is the lifestyle and talked more about when the characters go off and live their lives. I would recommend this book because it talks about when you grow up and get into high school. It shows you how to get into a good college and keep up your grades.
--Nikki G.

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