Thursday, March 14, 2013

STUDENT REVIEW- Wolf Rider by Avi

Wolf Rider
By Avi
Published by Simon Pulse, 2008
208 pages (hardcover)

The phone rang three times before Andy picked it up. "Hello?" he said. A voice replied, "I just killed someone. I killed...Nina."
Andy Zadinski is convinced that the man who calls himself "Zeke" is serious. But no one will listen to Andy - not the police, not his friends, not even his father. They all say he's crying wolf, even when Andy discovers that there really is a Nina Klemmer. Even when he spots her at the local college and sees that she fits Zeke's description of her. Exactly.
Despite warnings from his father that he should just forget about the call, Andy feels obligated to track Nina down and warn her. What if Zeke really is plotting to kill her? When Andy investigates further, he finds out that Nina may not be Zeke's only target... (from

This book was good because it was a mystery. Yes, [I would recommend this book to a middle schooler] because if they like mystery books they will like this book too!
--Carlee R.

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